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Measuring an Investor's True Tolerance for Risk |

How To Give Kids Stocks in a Meaningful Way|

How Dividend-Paying Stocks Can Energize Your Portfolio

Chris Hobart- 2016 Advisor of the Year Finalist                                                                           Retirement Advisor|

5 Questions Some Financial Advisers Hope You Don't Ask

Ballantyne Magazine|

Playing Offense
Financial Advisor|

S&P Starts Quarter With a Record Finish
Wall Street Journal |

U.S. Stock Futures Little Changed After Recent String of Gains
Wall Street Journal |

Protect Your Portfolio with These Year-End Money Moves
The Fiscal Times |

Double Duty
Financial Advisor |

When Adult Children Return to the Nest

U.S. Stock Futures Fall as Shutdown Enters Second Week
Wall Street Journal |

Advisors Helping More Clients Raising Grandchildren
Financial Advisor |

US Stocks-Wall Street Ends Higher, But Investors Still Weary
Reuters |

Storm-Proof Your Financial House
Fox Business |

Why the Dow Hitting 13,000 Isn’t a Major Milestone
US News & World Report |

Perhaps You Should Give Your Newborn an IRA to Play With
Business Insider |

Perfect Portfolios: Your Next Move in This Market
Smart Money |

How to Ensure Your Inheritance at Tax Time
TheStreet |

Tactical Defense Is Best Strategy for Volatile Stock Market

Debt Ceiling, Jobs in Focus for Coming Week
TheStreet |

Women must prepare for retirement differently

Two investment options with long-term earning potential

Priced out of their homes?

Hobart: No fear of correction in long term

Poll: Charlotte workers have skimpy nest eggs

Your 2011 Resolutions
South Park Magazine

If you regret converting your IRA to a Roth, you can undo it

Rearrange retirement portfolios to save on taxes
InvestmentNews October 31, 2010

How to Save for Anything
Men’s Health

4 Ways to Hand Down Wealth to Your Heirs
The article was in on October 28, 2010

Hobart: Next stop, Dow 10,000
Audio aired on on October 12, 2010

Deadline approaching for those who converted to ROTH IRA
Article on on October 1, 2010

The surprise that isn’t: Consumer remains gloomy. Audio aired on September 28, 2010

Hobart: Jobs report nothing to celebrate. Audio aired on September 3, 2010

Marketwatch podcast – Aired on July 2, 2010

Even Wealthy Face Retirement Shortfall –
Article in on July 15, 2010

Lawmakers seal deal on historic Wall St. reform –
Article in the International Business Times on June 25, 2010

VOICES: Chris Hobart, On Hybrid Annuities –
Article in the Wall Street Journal on June 10, 2010

The Bear is Prowling – Article in the International Business Times on June 9, 2010

Instant View: May payrolls short of expectations – Article in Reuters June 4, 2010

Rescue your retirement from inflation’s threat
Article on May 17, 2010

4 Ways to Hand Down Wealth to Your Heirs

Deadline approaching for those who converted to Roth IRA

Fiscal Fitness: Resolutions to help get your business in shape for 2010 (PDF)
The Mecklenburg Times

Use Strategies to Help Your Retirement Accounts Recovers (PDF)
The Mecklenburg Times

Financial advisor: Think Long term (PDF)
The Enquirer-Journal- July 4, 2009

What to know about your 401(k) if you lose your job (PDF)
The Charlotte Observer – June 7, 2009


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