By definition, a Registered Investment Advisor, RIA, manages the assets of high net worth individuals with an emphasis on the needs of the client. As an RIA, Hobart Private Capital, offers our clients a wide range of non-correlated asset classes, which allows for true diversification of a client’s portfolio with a focus on downside preservation paired with growing a sustainable income. We pride ourselves on being a top notch RIA, a resource that our valued clients can use for advice on their total financial plan. Being legally obligated, as an RIA, to act in the very best interest of our clients, we strive to offer a high-end customer experience with world-class institutional investment opportunities to retail investors.

An RIA is a good choice for investors for a number of reasons, first and foremost planning from an RIA is made to accommodate clients along with their unique situations. Acting as an RIA, Hobart Private Capital understands the need for integrity and transparency when planning a client’s financial future or managing a client’s portfolio. We hold ourselves accountable for every recommendation and have the ongoing fiduciary duty of loyalty to our client, only acting in their utmost best interest. Our clients are a group of individuals with unique needs. As an RIA, we make sure we only design a portfolio that suits the client’s needs.

RIAs generally have affiliations with a wide variety of other professionals that can assist with any complex financial needs that may arise for the client. These affiliations bring plenty of opportunity for our retirement planning professionals to customize complete solutions for the client.

A large part of the responsibility of an RIA is keeping ongoing and regular communication with their client base. Hobart Private Capital strives to help clients by reaching out, nurturing and maintaining personal relationships with them.


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