Learn the 8 things you may not know about Mutual Funds
Go behind the scenes of one of the largest industries in the world — mutual funds — and learn how that industry affects investors and possibly you!

Complimentary Mutual
Funds Report

Mutual Fund Report
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What You'll Uncover

  • How mutual funds affect investors
  • How to improve how you invest
  • What you should know before you make a decision to put your savings to work in these vehicles.

Meet Hobart Financial Group

Chris Hobart

Hobart Financial Group advisors are regularly sought after by the national media for perspective on issues that impact affluent investors. Go to the "Chris in News" page on our website to see what our team has had to say to CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, MarketWatch Radio, the Associated Press, Fox Business News, The Charlotte Observer, Investment News Daily and more!

See Chris' recognition as 2008 Advisor of the Year Finalist here: Senior Market Advisor Magazine